The discharge of the ventilation air to the atmosphere contains the same concentrations of acids and metallic elements as the parent electrolyte solution. The loss of these elements to the general environment has an adverse impact on the outdoor environment, corrosion of adjacent structures and contamination of surrounding process operations.

MistElim is a proven economical solution, and can be easily retrofitted to existing ventilation systems or included as part of a new system for the removal of acid aerosols from ventilation exhaust systems.

MistElim features include:

  1. Product is totally recovered from the process.
  2. Reduced emissions from the process ensures environmental compliance.
  3. Improved working conditions.
  4. Significantly reduces downtime caused by the corrosion of ancillary equipment and processes.
  5. Self-Cleaning/Maintenance Free Design.
  6. Easily retrofitted, often without the requirement of additional motor horsepower.