Cross Flow Ventilation

Airborne aerosols are generated into the working environment above the production cells when electrowinning production of Cobalt, Copper, Nickel and Zinc metals takes place.

This airborne contamination contains the same concentration of acids and metallic elements as the parent electrolytic solution, contaminating the working environment and corroding building structures, machinery and cell process equipment.

Desom’s Cross Flow Ventilation System is a proven and highly efficient solution that is easily retrofitted to existing ventilation systems, controlling acid aerosols in the working environment to achieve safe concentrations that are within regulatory limits.

Desom’s Cross Flow Ventilation system offers the following features:

  1. Controlled Emissions from the process result in worker health and safety compliance
  2. Downtime due to safety related concerns is dramatically reduced.
  3. Eliminating contamination of building materials and other critical operational equipment significantly curtails downtime.
  4. Cost effective solution.
  5. Optimized solution, based on physical hydraulic modeling, targeted to site specific needs.

Other Ventilation Solutions

Close capture system

Extreme environments present challenges for all types of systems, often creating the need for additional temperature regulation practices.

Desom’s Close Capture Ventilation System was developed as an alternative option to our Cross Flow Ventilation System for plants in cold weather climates.

Requiring reduced air volumes, higher capital costs are easily offset by lower air heating and cleaning costs.

  • Designed to minimize exhaust volumes required to control in-plant conditions.
  • Provides maximum control of acid contamination above the cells.


The most efficient means of control of secondary process emissions is to create a closed system. Our VentiCover system does just that. Years of testing and physical modelling has allowed us to develop a cell cover that solves many of the issues which have plagued this type of system in the past.

  • Simple, elegant technology
  • Easy Cleaning
  • Minimal Maintenance Intervals

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