About Us

Since the 1970’s, Desom has provided engineered solutions to environmental control problems in heavy industrial process operations. Our strong emphasis on health and safety has helped Desom become internationally recognized as a leader in providing environmental control and cooling systems to the Iron & Steel, Mining and Secondary Manufacturing Industries.

We view every opportunity as its own unique challenge, and are confident in our ability to provide excellent products and services to our customers. Our years of experience and ongoing R&D in this field has allowed us to develop a reputable presence worldwide.

1970’s – The Beginning

Company founder John Davis began his journey by selling primary and secondary environmental control systems to the iron and steel industry. It wasn’t long before his attention pivoted to the mining sector, and began laying the foundation for what the company is today.

Sustainability – 1990’s to Present

We have continued to add products and an array of successful projects to our portfolio over the past 30 years. We’re ready and able to solve whatever new problem the industry faces.

1980’s – Growth

Upon identifying a void in ventilation practices used in electrowinning tankhouses, Desom quickly pivoted to become an industry leader in this space. To date we have supplied and commissioned over thirty-five (35) Electrowinning Tankhouse Ventilation Systems all over the globe, many of which remain operational and meet today’s environmental and health and safety regulations

Our Philosophy

Our solid base of experience allows us to stay on the leading edge of improving workplace safety and the environmental impact of heavy industrial operations. We continue to develop our products and approaches to maintain compliance with ever changing industry regulations.