How DESOM's Cross Flow Ventilation Technology is Solving Major Ventilation Challenges of Electrowinning Tankhouses.

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In the electrowinning production of Cobalt, Copper, Nickel and Zinc metals from acid solutions, airborne aerosols are generated into the working environment above the production cells.

That air becomes contaminated by aerosols of the same concentrations of acids and metallic elements as the parent electrolyte solution. The aerosols emitted from the cells contaminate the working environment and corrode building structures, cranes and cell process equipment.

DESOM's Cross Flow Ventilation System is a proven economical solution (easily retrofitted to existing ventilation systems) for the control of acid aerosols in the working environment to achieve safe concentrations that are within regulatory limits. DESOM's system offers the following features:


Controlled Emissions from the Process Result in Environmental Compliance.


Downtime due to Safety Related Concerns is Dramatically Reduced.


No contamination of Building materials and cranes significantly Curtails Downtime.


Cost-Effective solution.


Optimized solution, based on Physical Hydraulic modeling, targeted to site specific needs.

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