How a Simple Mist Eliminator Reduces Acid Aerosol Emissions and Recovers Product.


In the electrowinning production of Cobalt, Copper, Nickel and Zinc metals from acid solutions, airborne aerosols are generated into the working environment above the production cells.

The discharge of the ventilation air to atmosphere contain the same concentrations of acids and metallic elements as the parent electrolyte solution. The loss of these elements to the general environment has an adverse impact on the outdoor environment, corrosion of adjacent structures and contamination of surrounding process operations.

MistElim is a proven economical solution easily retrofitted to existing ventilation systems for the removal of acid aerosols from ventilation exhaust systems.

MistElim is the next generation in the continuing evolution of DESOM's quality product with the following features:


Product is Totally Recovered from the Process.


Reduced Emissions from the Process Result in Environmental Compliance.


Downtime due to Safety Related Concerns is Dramatically Reduced.


Significantly Curtailed Downtime due to Corrosion of Ancillary Equipment and Processes.


MistElim is Self-Cleaning therefore there is no Build-Up.


No Additional Horsepower Required in Most Applications.

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